Kate Measham

Kate Measham, co-owner of Hampshire Art studio, has been teaching and running courses in Hampshire for over 20 years.

Working in oils, or multiple drawing materials, Kate’s work is largely figurative covering landscape, still life and figures. The passage of time represented in one or more, immobile, 2D images is one of her interests. This may involve an image painted many times with slight variations, or an image evolving and altering over a number of days. 

Still lifes move and contain objects with a history. The same objects are used repeatedly. Works by Old Masters are re-drawn, explored, and compositions reused. Kate’s work often contains layers of drawings, rubbed down and reworked. The ghost of a previous drawing adding a layer of time.

 Kate’s work is varied, but everything starts with drawing. There are different areas of work that run concurrently: landscapes including rivers and woodland, still lifes, life drawing, particularly the moving figure, and lino prints. She often returns to paintings by great masters to revisit their approach to composition and palette.

Hampshire Art studio benefits from Kate Measham’s teaching and from her ability to find tutors who are both experts in their field of practise, and fine communicators. This applies to the artists who share their skills in Masterclasses, and the tutors in the other workshops and courses.

Since taking a degree in Visual Art through Drawing at Winchester School of Art (part of Southampton University) Kate has taught and exhibited regularly.

If you are interested in classes run by Kate Measham, both abroad and in the UK please take a look at the Hampshire Art studio, Casa Rosa Art or art draw paint website